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VMS Trailer Hire

We have a range of VMS Trailer signs for Hire that use the latest LED technology to promote your shop or business

Our VMS Trailer Hire and Rentals LED Message Board signs are fully transportable from one site to another and the best thing is that they are solar powered so they can run off the suns natural power.

We have Perth's largest range of VMS trailer available for Hire or Rent

We Can Rent or hire VMS trailers in Perth for retail events, promotions and sales.

VMS Trailer Hire Perth can increase sales for your next event.

Some key benefits of Electronic VMS Signs

  • Electronic VMS Trailer signs can help convey safety messages
  • Electronic VMS Trailer signs are Transportable capable of being moved from site to site
  • Electronic VMS Portable Signs can be truck mounted and run off a truck battery
  • Electronic signs can Reduce accidents on the mine sites and construction sites
  • Electronic Signs can be used for sales
  • Can deliver messages 24hrs a day