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New Full Colour LED VMS Sign Boards

VMS Signs Australia is proud to announce the arrival of the latest full colour LED Trailer signs which offer class leading screen resolution.

Our full new full colour LED Trailer Sign Boards are available in 3 sizes B size LED, C size LED, D size LED and our new events size E size LED and use the latest P6 and P8 LED sign technology capable of showing videos day and night to create visually stunning displays.

Using our class leading LED Trailer Signs you can create the perfect event to showcase your product launch, Advertising or increase your brand awareness taking your brand to a new level.

With our state of the art LED sign software our LED trailers can overlay text on top of your pictures or video making it the ideal marketing or events LED Trailer sign solution.

  • LED trailer signs Can be used night and day
  • LED Trailer signs are perfect for concerts and events
  • Use LED trailer signs for movie launches, street parties or council events
  • LED trailer signs can be Used Indoors and Outdoors
  • LED Trailer signs can play Video/picture content in any Digital video format
  • Our LED trailer signs are the best in Australia as we use the very latest technology

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